Looking at mid-20th century commercial culture in America, the new modern woman began to be and was idealized as sharing attributes with objects of domestic convenience, efficiency, and planned obsolescence. This series Ten Most Wanted Women expands on Hall of Portraits from The History of Machines to construct a satire offering an alternative pictorial history in which two objects of desire become merged — that is, the modern female, and the domestic convenience. The Jacquard woven tapestries feature oversized portrait heads deriving from archival research and find historical context in Andy Warhol’s controversial Thirteen Most Wanted Men (1964 World’s Fair, New York State Pavilion).

From Ten Most Wanted Women, installation view
Jacquard woven tapestries
80" x 60" each

Left to right: CinderBrillO, (I am) Not an Iron, and Ruff
Ten Most Wanted Women: Jacquard tapestries (2022)