In the series of artist books, The Lives of Objects, overlooked and apparently abandoned objects of the everyday pose and stack, gather and precariously balance themselves into high towers, or rest on top of each other, cast their shadows, talk to each other, spending time in a space without time. Uncanny ensembles of things populate this imaginary landscape that unfolds across the zigzag expanse of the accordion book pages. Wherefore the agency of objects: a roll of tape, a lemon pared, a rusted oil can, telephones on and off the hook, tennis rackets leaning in a corner, boudoir mirrors, a hairbrush, cut flowers in a water glass, a fragment of a sculpted body from long ago, old-fashioned and long discarded wooden shoe forms, an upended eggbeater, an iron with a very long cord, a woven basket, assorted hats, an old suitcase, a woman’s empty open-toed shoes, an electric mixer menaces an artichoke, open scissors lean themselves against a cut cantaloupe while a self-portrait reflects in a Bake-lite hand mirror.